accessories floor based screens

  1. Aluminium Integrated
  2. Stabilizing Base
  3. Power Panel

AAluminium Integrated Floor Based Saeens

A - Aluminium Integrated Floor Based Screens

• 26mm Frame
• Fully Upholstered or with Toughened Glass Top (Straight or Curved)
• 2 Way, 3 Way or 4 Way Joiners available

Steel Stabilizing Base for Aluminium Screens

B - Steel Stabilizing Base for Aluminium Screens

• Black or Silver

D - Steel Stabilizing Base for Velcro Screens

• Black or Silver

Power Panel

E - Power Panel

• 26mm Floor to Ceiling Power Panel
• Ceiling Flanges and Hinge Door Covers
• 300(W)
• Used for Power and Data Cable Management form Ceiling to Desk

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